How to draw a yorkie face

How to draw a yorkie face

Gathering the Materials You Need

Drawing a Yorkshire Terrier face requires a few basic materials. You’ll need some graphite pencils in varying shades of darkness, an eraser, a good-quality drawing paper, and a sharpener. The pencils should be HB and 4B in graphite hardness, and you’ll also need a very sharp 2H pencil. You’ll also need a few items to help you sketch your design, such as a ruler, a protractor and a compass. If you want to add texture to your drawing, you can use a smudging stick, a white eraser or a blending stump.

In addition, if you plan on coloring your drawing, you’ll need some colored pencils and markers. You’ll also need a kneaded eraser, a colorless blender, and a few sheets of tracing paper.

Drawing the Face of Your Yorkshire Terrier

Once you have all the materials you need, you can start sketching the outline of the face of your Yorkshire Terrier. Start by drawing a circle to represent the head of the dog, and then draw a few lines to indicate the eyes, nose, and mouth. Make sure to draw the eyes in the correct position, and that they are equal in size and shape. Then draw the ears, making sure they are symmetrical and at the same level.

Next, draw the lips and the chin of the dog. Make sure to draw the mouth slightly open, so that it looks natural and not too flat. Then draw the whiskers, and make sure to draw them in the same direction. Finally, draw the fur of the Yorkshire Terrier, and make sure to draw it in the correct direction.

Adding Color and Shading

Once you have drawn the outline of your Yorkshire Terrier’s face, you can start to add color and shading. Start by adding a base color to the face, and then add highlights and shadows using darker and lighter shades of the same color. You can also add details such as the eyes, nose, and mouth using colored pencils or markers.

To add texture to your drawing, you can use a smudging stick, a white eraser or a blending stump. This will give your drawing a more realistic look. You can also add texture by using a kneaded eraser to erase parts of the drawing and create a fur-like texture.

Using a Reference Image

If you are having trouble getting the proportions and details of your Yorkshire Terrier’s face just right, you can use a reference image. A reference image is a picture of a real-life Yorkshire Terrier that you can use to help you get the details of your drawing just right. You can find many reference images online, or you can take a picture of your own Yorkshire Terrier.

Using a reference image can also help you when you are adding color and shading to your drawing. You can use the reference image to help you decide which colors to use and where to apply them.

Adding the Final Touches

Once you have finished drawing the face of your Yorkshire Terrier, you can add the final touches. You can use a kneaded eraser to erase any lines that you don’t want, or use a colorless blender to blend the colors together. You can also use a white eraser to highlight certain areas of your drawing.

Finally, you can use a few sheets of tracing paper to trace over the drawing and make sure that everything is symmetrical. This will help you make sure that the proportions are correct and that there are no mistakes.


Drawing a Yorkshire Terrier face is a great way to express your creativity and learn more about the anatomy of the breed. With a few basic materials, some patience and practice, anyone can draw a realistic-looking Yorkshire Terrier face. By gathering the materials you need, drawing the face, adding color and shading, using a reference image, and adding the final details, you can create a beautiful drawing of a Yorkshire Terrier’s face. With the right techniques, you can create a lifelike portrait of your own furry friend.

How to draw a yorkie face