How to draw a cat and a dog

How to draw a cat and a dog

Essential Supplies

Drawing cats and dogs requires some basic supplies, such as paper and pencils. Choose a medium that you feel comfortable with, such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, or colored pencils. Quality paper is also important; heavier papers are better for charcoal and pastels, while lighter papers are better for graphite and colored pencils. You’ll also need a kneaded eraser, a ruler, and a blending stump.

In addition to the supplies, you may also need some reference photos. This will help you capture the details of the animal’s features, such as fur, eyes, and ears. You can find plenty of reference photos online, or you can take your own.

Sketching the Cat and Dog

Start by lightly sketching each animal using basic shapes like circles and ovals to get the proportions right. Once the basic shapes are in place, start adding details like fur, whiskers, eyes, and ears. Don’t worry too much about details at this stage; just get the main shapes in place. When you’re done, use a kneaded eraser to clean up any unnecessary lines.

Next, lay in some basic shadows and highlights. To do this, you’ll need to pay attention to the direction of the light source. It’s also helpful to use a ruler to draw straight lines. You may also want to use a blending stump to help soften and blend the shadows and highlights.

Adding Color

When you’re done with the sketch, you can start adding color. To add color to your drawing, you’ll need to use either colored pencils or paints. If you’re using colored pencils, start by lightly layering colors in the areas that are in the shadows. Then, add highlights and mid-tones. To blend the colors, you can use a blending stump or laser paper.

If you’re using paint, start by layering colors in the shadows, then add highlights and mid-tones. It’s also helpful to use a wet brush to help blend colors together. Once your colors are in place, let the painting dry completely before adding any final touches.

Final Touches

After the colors are dry, you can add the final touches to your drawing. Start by adding details like fur, whiskers, and eyes. You may also want to add a background to your drawing. To do this, use a light touch to add colors and textures to the background. Don’t forget to add a signature to your drawing!

Finally, you can use a kneaded eraser to lightly erase any unwanted lines. This will help the colors blend together and give your drawing a more polished look.

Bringing it All Together

Drawing cats and dogs can be a challenging but rewarding experience. With the right supplies and reference photos, you can create a beautiful piece of artwork. Start by sketching the basic shapes and adding details, then layer in colors and highlights. Finally, add the final touches to give your drawing a more polished look. With some practice, you’ll be able to draw cats and dogs with ease.

For those who want to take their drawing skills to the next level, there are plenty of tutorials and resources available online. You can also look for classes in your area or take an online course to learn more about drawing cats and dogs. With the right knowledge and practice, you’ll be able to create amazing drawings of cats and dogs in no time.

How to draw a cat and a dog